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If you are a medical provider, we offer three simple options for your patients to get an EMC Evaluation. Patients who have been injured and need to have an Emergency Medical Condition Evaluation performed. Your patients can now receive an EMC evaluation right at your office, visit our office or we can review their records. 

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate our service into your practice stress-free. We will save you time and help you answer any questions.   We offer easy and convenient 3 option to determine if patient qualifies for EMC:

First option: We come to you We send one of our dedicated Drs to your facility to administer the evaluation, a PA or MD. The convenience for your patient to be seen without having to drive to another location and getting the determination the same day.

Second option: Patient comes to our office We schedule your patient in a timely manner to visit our location located near downtown. At our office we have a Doctor who will administer the evaluation and send the report back to your office.

Third option: Patient is absent In case your patient is absent we offer the third option where you can send the records to our office on that patient and we will perform our evaluation based on those records, sending you back the report once completed.  


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